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Mason jar cocktail kits + gift tags – free printables!

Moscow Mule Mocktail: sunshine in a copper mug

What is a Moscow Mule? Simply put, a classic Moscow Mule is a cocktail made with vodka, ginger beer, and lime served over ice in...

October wakes with a golden fog


Adorable DIY Marker Mugs + Free Stencils

Herbalism & Herbal Recipes


Let’s Talk About: Ginger Herbal Remedies


Make your own Herbal Smoking Blends


Let’s Talk About Tinctures, Elixirs, and Cordials

lavender infused honey 2

Lavender Infused Honey Recipe

fire vinegar

Recipe Box: Fire Vinegar (Fire Cider)

2016-06-26 mimosa1

The Magic of Mimosa: Cordial and Tincture Recipes

Homebrewing: Mead, Wine, and More

chai wine recipe on pixiespocket.com

Easy, One Gallon batch of Spiced Chai Wine

ginger wine - one gallon batch

Make your own Ginger Wine: One Gallon Recipe


Blackberry Mead: A One-Gallon Recipe


Recipe Box: One Gallon of Elderberry Mead

kudzuflower header

Kudzu Flower & Muscadine Wine


Goldenrod and Ginger Wine – One Gallon Recipe


Welcome to Pixie's Pocket!  I am Amber Shehan, and I am a hobbit-like, tipsy fae creature who resides in Western North Carolina - herbalist, author, educator, brewer of wines and meads, and a lazy gardener.

My Books

Foraging & Gardening

onions from scraps

Growing Onions from Scraps

Garlic Mustard Pesto Recipe from Pixiespocket.com

Garlic Mustard Pesto Recipe – guilt-free foraging

spiceblend square

Taste of home: create your own foraged spice blend

Recipe Box

Bone broth: Thoughts and Techniques

In this guest post, Liane gives a compelling argument for bone broth as a nutrient-rich food, even if it isn’t the miracle cure it is touted to be!

Let’s Talk About: Goldenrod Recipes and Remedies

He is everywhere. Waving at me from above the blue and purple chicory, teasing me, dancing behind the brown grasses drying in the autumn sun. Goldenrod, Solidago, Golden Dagger! Many people take one look at goldenrod and run in the other direction, sneezing and coughing, but goldenrod is NOT the source of your autumnal allergies. …

Moscow Mule Mocktail: sunshine in a copper mug

There’s something magic about drinks in copper glasses. The condensation of the ice droplets forming on the hammered surface of the golden mugs is nigh unto flirtatious on a hot, summer day.

Recipe Box: Ginger Citrus Syrup

Spicy, sweet, hot, and such a treat. Make this syrup in an afternoon and enjoy it for weeks to come!

Garlic Infused Honey

Everyone knows garlic as the ubiquitous kitchen seasoning that it is, but there are fewer people who realize that they can use this versatile bulb medicinally! One way to combine those two purposes is to make Garlic Infused Honey.

How to use Garlic Mullein Ear Oil for Earaches

There are many guides that explain how to use ear oil, but I noticed that none of them included one of the most important parts: encouraging nurturing touch and creating a soothing environment.

Motherwort and Lemon Balm Brew: One Gallon Recipe

Motherwort and lemon balm are sisters in the Mint family, and together they make a brew that is soothing to the savage beast. If you are up late and unable to sleep due to stress and anxiety, pouring a glass of this brew can do the trick!

Easy, One Gallon batch of Spiced Chai Wine

When there’s a chill in the air, I soothe myself with a warm cup of tea. I often indulge in strong, black tea like Earl Grey or Irish Breakfast, but there’s something special about spiced Chai. Not only is it creamy and rich, but the spices that lend themselves to the complex flavor are warming and healing.

Make your own Ginger Wine: One Gallon Recipe

Ginger makes a lovely wine, warming to the heart and soul in the depths of the cold seasons! It also helps settle the tummy, so makes an excellent after-dinner tipple.

Lemon Infused Honey

Sharp, sour lemon blends perfectly with sweet wildflower honey. Versatile enough to be both a syrup for sore throats and a perfect cocktail mixer.

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