Honeysuckle Wine: One Gallon Recipe

dandelion infusion

Dandelion Flower Infusion and Syrup

Toddler-safe Teething Tea

Let's face it - tooth pain is awful no matter how old you are. It can steal away your sleep, your ability to enjoy food...
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Sowing Seeds & Growing Community

Herbalism & Herbal Recipes

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Gentle, Nourishing Tea Blend (Pregnancy-Safe)

yarrowflowers small

Yarrow for Fever and Flu


Freezing Chickweed for Later


Moontime Tea Blend for Painful Periods


Nettles – a feast on the forest floor


Herbal Relief for Bartholin Cysts

Homebrewing: Mead, Wine, and More

Persephone Mead - sacred brewing with Amber Shehan Pixiespocket.com

Sacred Brewing: Persephone Mead

vanilla bean chamomile mead by pixiespocket.com

Vanilla Bean Chamomile Mead – One Gallon Recipe


Blackberry Mead: A One-Gallon Recipe

dandelion (mead)

Wild Fermented Dandelion Wine Recipe


Recipe Box: Strawberry Pineapple Wine – 1 Gallon

elderberries, perfect for making elderberry mead!

Elderberry Mead: Make Your Own One Gallon Batch!


Welcome to Pixie's Pocket!  I am Amber Shehan, and I am a hobbit-like, tipsy fae creature who resides in Western North Carolina - herbalist, author, educator, brewer of wines and meads, and a lazy gardener.

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Foraging & Gardening

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Asheville Herb Festival 2014

dandelion infusion

Dandelion Flower Infusion and Syrup

plants in pots over winter pixiespocket.com

Container Gardening: Winter Edition

Recipe Box

Dandelion Flower Infusion and Syrup

Dandelions are wonderful medicine and a delight to drink. Make an infusion from dandelion flowers and give it a try, or turn it into a tasty simple syrup for herby cocktails and desserts.

Garlic Mustard Pesto Recipe – guilt-free foraging

Garlic Mustard is on the loose! This invasive plant spreads like wildfire and can suppress native plant growth. Luckily, it is also delicious and makes a great pesto!

Cherry Cordial: Dark, Sweet, and Delicious!

Cherries are lush, enticing, sweet and dark. They made an excellent cordial and you can make one, too!

Foraging and Creating Violet Herbal Remedies

One of the earliest Spring flowers to appear, violets are a balm for the winter-tired soul! They are edible, abundant, and also useful in many herbal preparations.

Making Suet – a recipe for your feathered friends!

Make suet for the birds using rendered fats and all sorts of other goodies. A good winter project!

Sacred Brewing: Persephone Mead

Of Persephone, Kore, Prosperine – the Greek goddess of Spring, and of the mead brewed for her. Here’s to going inward, to facing the underworld, and to returning decked in flowers and wiser for the journey.

Hedgerow Jelly: a recipe from the wild places

The berries on the brambles, the sweet-smelling flowers, the medicinal leaves and herbs of bushes, grass, and briar – the hedgerow weeds and wildflowers have many delights to offer.

Bone Broth: Thoughts and Techniques

In this guest post, we get a compelling argument for bone broth as a nutrient-rich food, even if it isn’t the miracle cure it is touted to be!

Let’s Talk About: Ginger Herbal Remedies

A love note to Ginger – warming, healing, delicious. It can help your stomach, sinuses, and even blood flow.

The Perfect Miso Soup Recipe

Miso is delicious, nutritious, and very nourishing. In a pinch, I can make do with a dried powder packet to make a cup on the go, but nothing compares to a bowl of real miso made from scratch.

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