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Things I Love – Finding Balance

Between the book-writing and the baby, I feel blessed with abundance but that is concurrent with a lack of sleep and time in which to appreciate the blessings ...

How to Make Cold Compost for Your Garden

Alongside your gardening supplies, making compost for your garden will make sure that you have everything you need for healthy crops. For a good compost, ...

Artisan Spotlight: N’Delamiko Bey of Keffigal Waistbeads

This artisan spotlight focuses on N'Delamiko Bey, the creatrix behind Keffigal Waistbeads (as well as a few other ventures, this lady is busy!). When we ...

Elderflower & Lemon Cordial Recipe (The Boozy American Kind!)

The summer solstice brought many things alive in the garden, plants I'd been waiting to see bloom to know that summer was truly upon us in these sweet old ...

My happy place (the birth story)

It happened, y'all! We did it! The wee pixie has been born, she is wonderful, awake and alert, and growing stronger day by day! Alia Mielle emerged on June ...

An Overview of Acupuncture: Part Two, The User Experience

Liane dives into a user's experience of acupuncture, explaining some of the techniques available other than needles. Acupuncture is most commonly ...

An Overview of Acupuncture: Part One, a Radical History

Liane shares an overview of acupuncture, one of my favorite healing modalities to receive, with a look at its history and some of its radical community roots ...

Bone broth: Thoughts and Techniques

I always save bones and scraps for making soup stock and bone broth! Enjoy this recipe and technique from Liane. Recently, I jumped on the bone broth wagon. ...

Linden Leaf Salad: Foraging, Identification, and Use

I love linden tea, but have never met the live tree myself. Thank you to Ashley for providing a great guide to this wonderful plant friend! When most ...

Eggless Cake Ideas to Inspire

I have chickens and so an abundance of eggs, but Craig from CakeJournal has taught me something new with many of these egg-free cake ideas!There are many ...

Aussie Pavlova: a Gluten & Dairy-Free Recipe

I only recently learned about Pavlovas from the Great British Bake Off, and I'm delighted about this recipe adding decadence to the lives of my gluten-free and ...

Garlic Mustard Pesto Recipe – guilt-free foraging

Garlic Mustard (Alliaria petiolata) is on the loose! This late spring and early summertime plant is easy to pull out by the roots, and you should make an ...

Let’s Talk About: Herbal Relief for Bartholin Cysts

It is easy to get upset when something is wrong with our most tender, personal bits. Imagine the panic when you wake up and discover that something is awry ...


I am Amber Shehan, and I am an herbalist, brewer, lazy gardener, and a tipsy fae creature who resides in Western North Carolina. You can learn more about me and about Pixie’s Pocket here!


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