Rose and Peony Infused Honey Recipe

Rose and Peony Flower Infused Honey

Persephone Mead - sacred brewing with Amber Shehan

Sacred Brewing: Persephone Mead

Strawberry & Lemon Balm Mead – One Gallon Recipe

Nothing quite announces "Summer is here!" like white gallon buckets and baskets of strawberries that pop up at farm markets and roadside stands in early...
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Gentle, Nourishing Tea Blend (Pregnancy-Safe)


Moscow Mule Mocktail: sunshine in a copper mug

Herbalism & Herbal Recipes


Using Motherwort for Grief


Herbal Relief for Bartholin Cysts


Let’s Talk About Tinctures, Elixirs, and Cordials


Make your own Herbal Smoking Blends

chickweed cubes

Freezing Chickweed for Later


Damiana: my favorite love potion ingredient

Homebrewing: Mead, Wine, and More

vanilla bean chamomile mead by

Vanilla Bean Chamomile Mead – One Gallon Recipe


Honeysuckle Wine: One Gallon Recipe

dandelion (mead)

Wild Fermented Dandelion Wine

Persephone Mead - sacred brewing with Amber Shehan

Sacred Brewing: Persephone Mead

An image of the motherwort plant in bloom with overlay text "Motherwort and lemon balm brew, a beer to soothe the savage beast"

Motherwort and Lemon Balm Brew: One Gallon Recipe

chai wine recipe on

Easy, One Gallon batch of Spiced Chai Wine


Welcome to Pixie's Pocket!  I am Amber Shehan, and I am a hobbit-like, tipsy fae creature who resides in Western North Carolina - herbalist, author, educator, brewer of wines and meads, and a lazy gardener.

My Books

Foraging & Gardening

amber in the snow sarah thomas

DIY Holiday Decor for the Garden

elderflower cordial banner

Elderflower & Lemon Cordial Recipe (The Boozy American Kind!)

orlando lawns turning into a suburban garden - as seen on

Orlando lawns into suburban gardens!

Recipe Box

How to Can Tomatoes

Make the most of tomato season by preserving your harvest and canning your tomatoes!

Three Recipes: Blackberry Bitters, Blackberry Cordial & Blackberry Simple Syrup

Summertime berries are ripe and the harvest is coming in! Make blackberry bitters, cordial, and syrup to preserve them for the rest of the year.

Herbal Hot Toddy [with Mint-Infused Bourbon]

Make your own mint-infused bourbon for a quick hot toddy or use it to make a mint julep with no prep work – just add ice!

Linden Leaf Salad: Foraging, Identification, and Use

Every part of the linden tree is edible, and in the early spring, the leaves are especially delicious salad greens.

Strawberry & Lemon Balm Mead – One Gallon Recipe

When strawberries are bursting forth and the lemon balm is bright green in the garden, make some brews! Sunshine and springtime in a bottle – this is a luscious pink mead that soothes the nerves and delights the senses!

Rose and Peony Flower Infused Honey

Did you know that lovely, aromatic peony flowers are also edible? You can use them in a variety of ways, but infused honey is my favorite. It’s so versatile and delightful!

Garlic Mustard Pesto Recipe – guilt-free foraging

Garlic Mustard is on the loose! This invasive plant spreads like wildfire and can suppress native plant growth. Luckily, it is also delicious and makes a great pesto!

Vanilla Bean Chamomile Mead – One Gallon Recipe

Vanilla bean blends with chamomile beautifully – the bitter apple tones of chamomile flowers make magic with the rich, luscious aromatics of real vanilla.

Honeysuckle Wine: One Gallon Recipe

Honeysuckle is an invasive plant with some of the most lovely, ephemeral flowers – their heavenly aroma lends itself nicely to this wine.

Wild Fermented Dandelion Wine

It is a beautiful spring, but I’m singing the blues. I’m down to my last bottle of dandelion wine from last year, and now I have to make more! It will be months before I can drink more of this delicious nectar.

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