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Make your own Ginger Wine: One Gallon Recipe

Ginger makes a lovely wine, warming to the heart and soul in the depths of the cold seasons! It also helps settle the tummy, so makes an excellent after-dinner tipple.

mint wine

One Gallon of Mint Wine {Recipe}

Mint is a hearty plant and spreads like crazy once it is established. Once you’ve dried it for tea and made syrups, why not make a wine?

What is an Electuary?

Honey is great all on its own, but did you know that it is also a beneficial medicine? Add herbs to honey and make some magic today!

misozuke recipe on - make your own miso-fermented veggies!

Misozuke: Miso Fermented Vegetables Recipe

Misozuke is simple to make and well worth it! Delicious veggies fermented in miso paste make for tasty treats.

Canned Tomatoes

How to Can Tomatoes

Make the most of tomato season by preserving your harvest and canning your tomatoes!

blackberry syrup

Three Recipes: Blackberry Bitters, Blackberry Cordial & Blackberry Simple Syrup

Summertime berries are ripe and the harvest is coming in! Make blackberry bitters, cordial, and syrup to preserve them for the rest of the year.

Herbal Hot Toddy [with Mint-Infused Bourbon]

Make your own mint-infused bourbon for a quick hot toddy or use it to make a mint julep with no prep work – just add ice!

Linden Leaf Salad: Foraging, Identification, and Use

Every part of the linden tree is edible, and in the early spring, the leaves are especially delicious salad greens.

What do you do with too much mint?

Mint is so easy to grow! If you start a patch, it’ll take over your yard bit by bit, unless you use it regularly. So, how do you use up mint? What can you make?

Yarrow for Fever and Flu

It seems rather innocuous, this lovely white flower, but yarrow has earned many expressive titles: staunchwort, wound wort, nosebleed, knight’s milfoil…most of these names are crediting yarrow’s remarkable ability to stop a wound from bleeding while reducing pain and infection.

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