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Herbal Education Opportunities (April 2016)!

Dig your roots into an herbal education this spring… It just so happens that two of my favorite herbal schools are offering specials on their courses. That makes this an excellent time to invest in your herbal education!  Here’s the deal: The Herbal Academy The Herbal Academy is a wonderful school. For over a year…

Awaken your sense of wonder

…and share it with the world! We need novelty, beauty, and mystery to keep us vibrant.

Mason jar cocktail kits + gift tags – free printables!

Jar + Booze + Mixers = Adorable Gift Idea!

Wild Rosehips (1600x1200)

Foraging for Rose Hips in Winter

The winter months are dark and dreary and foraging opportunities are few and far between. Rose hips are a bright treat that is easy to harvest and enjoy in tea, medicines, or homebrew.

lemon infused honey recipe from

Lemon Infused Honey

Sharp, sour lemon blends perfectly with sweet wildflower honey. Versatile enough to be both a syrup for sore throats and a perfect cocktail mixer.

Mulled wine is good medicine - a recipe from

Mulled Wine is good medicine

Grumble. Mumble.  I have a fever…a mild one, mind you, and I should be in bed.  But I promise I’ll do that in a minute. First I have to tell you about what I am drinking right now. I am drinking some mulled wine. Mulled wine is not just meant to be delicious, hot alcohol for…

Lemon Cucumber Brined Pickles by

Lemon Cucumber Brined Pickles Recipe

When life gives you lemons, make lemonade. When life gives you lemon cucumbers, make delicious pickles!

October wakes with a golden fog

October, you are so beautiful that it hurts. The fog rolling over the morning mountains is hazy and thick, pierced by golden spears of light so delicious that I want to spread it on my toast. Coffee tastes best on October mornings when I can share it with the murmuring memories of ancestors…

Tales of Tailtiu, Lugh and Lughnasadh

Tailtiu was real, and Tailtiu was a myth.

Adorable DIY Marker Mugs + Free Stencils

Got the perfect quip for a coffee mug? You can make it happen! From sigils to jokes to that one neat thing you always doodle – slap it on a mug!

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