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dandelion by Modern Scribe Photography - featured on "Dandelion Fritters" recipe on

A bit about Dandelion: Herbal and Culinary Recipes

Dandelions. Dandelions are amazing! My longtime readers know that I often wax poetic about this despised “weed” – I sing songs to plants I find in my yard, stick flowers in my hair, and end up with yellow fingertips all spring long from preparing flowers for all sorts of dandelion recipes. I’ve made quite a few recipes…

Chickweed as an Herbal Ally

Chickweed is overlooked at best and hated by many for being an invasive plant – but this little herb is a wonderful friend to work with.

Gentle, Nourishing Tea Blend (Pregnancy-Safe)

This blend is made of nourishing herbs that are rich in nutrients and vitamins, as well as gentle herbs that soothe the raw emotions. It’s delicious and useful for anyone, but it is especially nice for pregnant people.

Let’s Talk About Tinctures, Elixirs, and Cordials

I love herbs, and I also enjoy alcohol. My dedicated readers know for sure that I adore honey…so it shouldn’t surprise you that I generally do my best to combine those three ingredients in as many forms as possible.

bone broth (photo by nathan dumlao)

Bone broth: Thoughts and Techniques

In this guest post, Liane gives a compelling argument for bone broth as a nutrient-rich food, even if it isn’t the miracle cure it is touted to be!


Let’s Talk About: Goldenrod Recipes and Remedies

He is everywhere. Waving at me from above the blue and purple chicory, teasing me, dancing behind the brown grasses drying in the autumn sun. Goldenrod, Solidago, Golden Dagger! Many people take one look at goldenrod and run in the other direction, sneezing and coughing, but goldenrod is NOT the source of your autumnal allergies. …

Care for the wild birds in winter: tips, tricks, and DIY recipes

Birds are awesome wild creatures to have around.  I’ve been working hard to encourage a healthy habitat for birds in our yard because they sing delightful songs, they eat mosquitoes and other nasty bugs, and they leave a trail of seeds and plants wherever they go! Caring for our feathery friends is important, especially as…

Mystery tree – Identified as Service Berry

Update! This tree has been identified as a Service Berry, thanks to Iela on Facebook.  In my meandering walks to and from work, I spend quite a bit of time gazing at the plants that surround me. From manicured lawns to unattended spaces with huge, wild rose bushes at the borders that beg for pruning,…

Moscow Mule Mocktail: sunshine in a copper mug

There’s something magic about drinks in copper glasses. The condensation of the ice droplets forming on the hammered surface of the golden mugs is nigh unto flirtatious on a hot, summer day.

Recipe Box: Ginger Citrus Syrup

Spicy, sweet, hot, and such a treat. Make this syrup in an afternoon and enjoy it for weeks to come!

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