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Moon Goddess of Mystery Psychedelic Tarot Art by Emily Balivet

DIY Yoni Steam: Setting Intentions and Doing the Work

Yoni steaming is often called an old tradition by some and reviled as useless and even dangerous by others. I’ve found it to be a gentle experience when done mindfully.

Moon Goddess of Mystery Psychedelic Tarot Art by Emily Balivet

Yoni Steaming: An act of self love

Perhaps you’ve heard of using steam for health and beauty. There are many ways to use steam therapy, from saunas to herbal steams for the face and sinuses. Many people add herbs or essential oils to baths or showers so they can breathe in the vapors. But have you ever heard of a Yoni steam? Yoni is a…


Making Suet – a recipe for your feathered friends!

Make suet for the birds using rendered fats and all sorts of other goodies. A good winter project!

Persephone Mead - sacred brewing with Amber Shehan

Sacred Brewing: Persephone Mead

Of Persephone, Kore, Prosperine – the Greek goddess of Spring, and of the mead brewed for her. Here’s to going inward, to facing the underworld, and to returning decked in flowers and wiser for the journey.

Saint Gobnait – She of the Bees

Saint Gobnait – called the “sharp beaked nun” – is the patroness of bees and beekeepers and February 11 is her feast day. 

Red Clover

Hedgerow Jelly: a recipe from the wild places

The berries on the brambles, the sweet-smelling flowers, the medicinal leaves and herbs of bushes, grass, and briar – the hedgerow weeds and wildflowers have many delights to offer.

Growing Onions from Scraps

Regrow your green onions in a windowsill with a bit of water and use them a bit longer, or plant them outside to extend your growing season!

bone broth (photo by nathan dumlao)

Bone Broth: Thoughts and Techniques

In this guest post, we get a compelling argument for bone broth as a nutrient-rich food, even if it isn’t the miracle cure it is touted to be!

Wild Rosehips (1600x1200)

Foraging for Rose Hips in Winter

The winter months are dark and dreary and foraging opportunities are few and far between. Rose hips are a bright treat that is easy to harvest and enjoy in tea, medicines, or homebrew.

Let’s Talk About: Ginger Herbal Remedies

A love note to Ginger – warming, healing, delicious. It can help your stomach, sinuses, and even blood flow.


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