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Cherry Cordial: Dark, Sweet, and Delicious!

  When cherries went on sale this year, I grabbed as many as I could and set to work. Eric and I are already looking at planting a few cherry trees and apple trees around the property, so this blog should be full of cherry-inspired recipes as the years go by, I hope! I sorted through the bags of cherries ...

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Emily Han (photo credit Laure Joliet) making delicious drinks for her book "Wild Drinks and Cocktails" - see the review on pixiespocket.com

Wild Drinks and Cocktails by Emily Han [Review & Giveaway!]

Emily Han making delicious drinks for "Wild Drinks and Cocktails" (image credit Laure Joliet)   My regular readers already know that we keep things pretty simple around here. Thereis  a basic equation: Herbs+Foraging+Booze = One Happy Pixie!   So I am pleased as punch (pun totally ...

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Image by Dominik Martin: Ginger Tea from "How to Make Ginger Tea" at pixiespocket.com

How to make Ginger Tea

There are few teas that I make as often as I make Ginger Tea.  From the moment I put the cup to my lips and sip, the spicy glow radiates through my body and infuses me with a sense of well being and warmth. It is a simple comfort, like a lap blanket, a cuddly cat, and a book on a blustery day. I've often ...

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herbs for UTI

Herbs to Prevent and Treat Urinary Tract Infections

Ouch. Uh-oh. I know that small, pinching burning pain. I've felt that before. If you've ever had to live with urinary tract infections, that small sting that comes just as you finish peeing is a feeling that you tend not to forget! I had that feeling one morning recently and jumped into action - I don't ...

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Recipe Box: Spicy Citrus Salt Blend

Made from leftovers, now making tastebuds happy! I just hate to waste leftovers in the kitchen, don't you? My mind is often busy with trying to figure out how to repurpose the fruit or herbs that are strained from tinctures or vinegars after the infusion process is over. Some things are too pretty for the ...

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Recipe Box: Spicy Cocoa Honey

Cocoa Honey (and Vanilla Beans!) Image by Modern Scribe Photography Infused honey is delicious. Some of you long-time readers know that I used to make and sell various herb-infused honeys both online and at local markets. I miss making huge batches of infused honey, some days.  But honestly, most of the time I ...

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strawberry tops to dehydrate

Drying Strawberry Tops

I admit it: I'm lazy. A lazy cook, a lazy gardener...I like to set things up and let them do their own thing with minimal input from me, which is why I'm fond of permaculture, biodiversity, sustainable foraging methods and perennial native plant gardens, not to mention eating weeds. So when it comes to my ...

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Dandelion Flower Infusion and Syrup

Infusion first, syrup second! There are only a few dandelions in my yard this year, which is the opposite of a problem as far as most people are concerned! NOT ME. I want dandelions; root, leaf, and flower! There are so many wonderful ways to use this humble flower in applications both culinary and medicinal. ...

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Recipe Box: Herbal Cough Syrup (Infusion)

It has been a doozy of a winter - not just colder than usual, but wet, and with fluctuating temperatures. This sort of combination has kept even some of my healthiest friends prone to repeated illnesses.  My dearest beloved has been sick with lung and sinus issues twice now despite our daily vitamins, herbal tea, and ...

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Recipe Box: Spiced Cranberry Cordial

Ok, frugal boozehounds, here's a tip from the Pixie...watch out for cranberries on sale at your grocery store between December and January: RIGHT NOW! This is the prime time - they hit the shelves around Thanksgiving, but after Christmas, the prices drop from $5 down to $2 per bag. I buy them up and freeze them - ...

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Let’s Talk About: Catnip Herbal Remedies

 Oh, sweet Catnip! My yard has a very happy spot in it during the warm months - right next to a nice spot next to a sun-warmed rock wall lives a towering bush of catnip.  His longest branches have grown to be taller than I am, and his flowering tips wave a fond greeting whenever I come down to the garden. Catnip ...

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Moontime Tea

The moon is rising huge and silver in the sky this evening - full and bright! We are pushed and pulled along by the moon, just like the ocean - we are seventy percent water, are we not? The whole of humanity in the fullness of its gender spectrum respond to this primal pull. As someone with an active uterus, the ...

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Lovely eggs by Modern Scribe Photography - seen on Pixies Pocket

Let’s Talk About: The No-Shampoo Method

Every now and then, my sensitive skin gets the better of me, and I can't use scented soaps or store-bought shampoos without breaking out all over.  When my scalp feels this way, I revert back to my no-shampoo hair-washing method for a month or so. I started toying with using no-shampoo hair-washing methods years ...

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Let’s Talk About Tinctures, Elixirs, and Cordials

I love herbs, and I also enjoy alcohol. My dedicated readers know for sure that I adore honey...so it shouldn't surprise you that I generally do my best to combine those three ingredients in as many forms as possible. My apothecary is packed tight with jars and those jars are full of strange floating herbal ...

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Dandelion and Violets: A Joyful Herbal Infusion

I am sipping a lovely cup of Spring. When I nipped meself outside yesterday to feed the chickens (and spoil the neighbor's goats because I'm a sucker for a pitiful bleat), I found my yard sprinkled with golden coins, sparkling in the pooling sunlight. Springtime had arrived! The Dandelions are finally here! ...

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