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Pear Butter Recipe – Small batch from windfall fruit

I have a dear friend who lives but 10 minutes away, and she has a delicious problem - she has three old, stately pear trees that just put out far too much fruit for her to handle!  Good friend that I am, I am happy to relieve her of her difficult burden. Last fall, when I picked pears, I was dutiful and busy ...

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Lemon Cucumber Brined Pickles Recipe

Image Credit: SpecialtyProduce.com   Have you ever grown or used lemon cucumbers? These lovely yellow globes are new to me! (Get heirloom seeds from Richter's Herbs) Upon paying a dear friend a visit, I was gifted a bag full of lemon cucumbers. My friend's garden was more prolific than she could keep up ...

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Putting down roots, dusting out the corners.

What makes a home your own? pulling weeds and planting your own flowers around the yard sucking up cobwebs and dust, sweeping out old dead leaves sitting down and enjoying the view, filling your eyes, ears, nose with the world around you talking to the insects and feeding the birds Pleasant, ...

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Damson Plum & Muscadine Butter

Damson Plum on the tree (image credit Beka on Flickr) There's a lovely little spot downtown that I quite enjoy walking past as I head into work. It's an office in an old converted Victorian house, and they've planted the yard full of flowers, herbs, and even a lovely fruit tree. Once August began, I noticed that ...

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Recipe Box: Hedgerow Jelly

Weeds and Wildflowers! What is a hedgerow? In the cultured, organized sense, it is meant to be a barrier of trees and shrubs planted to mark boundary lines or to keep grazing animals contained.  In the sloppier sense, it is the buffer of wild plants at the corners of a property.  It is that definition that inspired ...

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Strawberry Mango Mojito Jam Recipe

You might remember that earlier this month I had a Strawberry Jam Session after getting a big bucket of fresh berries at the Asheville Herb Festival. Well, here is the BEST recipe that came out of that day of experimentation - Strawberry Mango Mojito Jam!   Strawberry Mango Mojito Jam The winner of the taste ...

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Strawberry Jam Session

I spent a few hours at the Asheville Herb Festival last Saturday and ended up coming home with a big old basket full of ripe, red strawberries from South Carolina. That meant only one thing for my Sunday: Strawberry Jam Session! I just love making jams and jellies, y'all! They just taste so much better to me than ...

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Canned Tomatoes

How to Can Tomatoes

July and August are tomato time here in Western North Carolina!  The farm markets are crowing about the lovely boxes of heirloom tomatoes available for purchase, and the volunteer tomato vines left behind in our empty chicken coop are giving me handfuls of sweet cherry tomatoes every day. As awesome as a fresh ...

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Putting away 2012 – Tomatoes and Cherries

A Busy Kitchen, by Amber ShehanCandle-making, honey jars, tincture jars, tomatoes, drying herbs, and more! Phew...it is hard to find time to write when I'm so busy chopping, boiling, cooking, and eating really yummy food. To start with, I found cherries at a really good price at the grocery store, and I got ...

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Apple Picking & Processing 2011

I live in an incredibly beautiful and bountiful area.  Western North Carolina has so much to offer in the way of local, healthy food that I'm becoming quite happily spoiled by my diet.  There are hop farms for brewers, local bison ranches, and in Hendersonville, North Carolina, you can't throw a stone without hitting ...

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Recipe Box: Peach Butter

Ah, an experiment that worked!  I love it when that happens.  My household accomplished a small kitchen project in just one afternoon. We had a few lovely peaches that were starting to get soft and we didn't want them to go to waste.  Having made apple butter and pumpkin butter the previous autumn, we decided to ...

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Recipe Box: Queen Anne’s Lace Flower Jelly

As I've discussed before, sometimes I think my neighbors must hate me for harboring a yard of unwanted pests and dingy weeds.  We encourage our yard to be an eco-system, rife with native plants and insects...which in our neighbor's world means "unmowed and disgusting!" The truth is that we DO mow around the house ...

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