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Elderflower & Lemon Cordial Recipe (The Boozy American Kind!)

The summer solstice brought many things alive in the garden, plants I'd been waiting to see bloom to know that summer was truly upon us in these sweet old mountains! One of those that I was excited for was Elderflower. A few years ago I offered some spare soapwort plants on a Facebook group for local plant people. ...

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Cherry Cordial: Dark, Sweet, and Delicious!

  When cherries went on sale this year, I grabbed as many as I could and set to work. Eric and I are already looking at planting a few cherry trees and apple trees around the property, so this blog should be full of cherry-inspired recipes as the years go by, I hope! I sorted through the bags of cherries ...

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Ginger Wine: One Gallon Recipe

Ginger is such a wonderful spice, and one of my favorites. It's a great healer, and its heat is just so enjoyable! I've never been able to find a ginger beer strong enough for me at the store, so it must fall to me to make my own. Ginger Wine: One Gallon Recipe Fresh ginger root (I used a whole palm, about ...

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Creating cordials – preserving memories as well as the harvest

A few times every year, on the equinox and solstice, at Beltane and at Samhain, I gather with my like-minded friends and family and raise a ruckus and a big bonfire. When we gather around the fire to drum, to dance, and to celebrate, we share our abundance at the drum altar. These altars take many forms, from hay ...

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Making Cordials

Thanks for watching the very first livestream video from Pixie's Pocket! You can skip ahead to the five minute mark for the cordial making portion to begin. Don't have time to watch the whole thing? Here's the short version: Ingredient + Sugar + Booze + Time = Delicious! fill jar with fruit if ...

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Goldenrod and Ginger Wine – One Gallon Recipe

Goldenrod plants in full bloom I'm a fan of weeds and wine, as you well may know. I'm particularly a fan of foraging wild weeds and invasive plants for herbal remedies, brews, and medicines. Goldenrod is a lovely and yet often misunderstood plant. Many people blame their autumnal allergies on the showy, yellow ...

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Emily Han (photo credit Laure Joliet) making delicious drinks for her book "Wild Drinks and Cocktails" - see the review on pixiespocket.com

Wild Drinks and Cocktails by Emily Han [Review & Giveaway!]

Emily Han making delicious drinks for "Wild Drinks and Cocktails" (image credit Laure Joliet)   My regular readers already know that we keep things pretty simple around here. Thereis  a basic equation: Herbs+Foraging+Booze = One Happy Pixie!   So I am pleased as punch (pun totally ...

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It’s Alive! A video of happy beer fermentation

Beer fermentation is magic! So, I've noticed that when people first start brewing beer on their own, they get concerned about whether they are doing it correctly. It can feel quite disconcerting to just follow the steps of a recipe, feeling like an inept mad scientist, and then watch it come to life when you don't ...

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Artisan Drinks reviewed by pixiespocket.com

Book Review: Artisan Drinks by Lindy Wildsmith

Grab a copy for yourself! I know that they say "don't judge a book by its cover," but as soon as I saw the cover of Artisan Drinks by Lindy Wildsmith, I knew I wanted to read it. I mean, just look at it!  Luckily for us all, this book offers much more than just a pretty face. My regular readers know ...

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To my friends, family, and readers who drink

Let's get a little serious. We all know that I am a brewer and lover of good booze. I love to share my drink recipes and such with the world, hence this blog - but I'm a healer first. Let's talk about "conscious drinking." I live in a town full of breweries, wineries, cider houses...often even winning the title ...

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Coconut cream cordial recipe from pixiespocket.com

Recipe Box: Creamy Coconut Cordial

So, here's another mad kitchen-science experiment that has been a consistent success in our home - creamy coconut cordial. A few years ago, my housemate and I experimented with a very intriguing recipe that we found from TheKitchn. While we'd made cordials, tinctures, and elixirs before, we had never tried doing a ...

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Blackberry Fizz on pixiespocket.com

I made Blackberry Fizz!

MOST of them are labeled! I was just tidying my apothecary, and while doing so, I re-discovered an experiment that I'd completely forgotten about...and boy, am I glad I did! A month ago, I made a batch of blackberry mead from the last bit of the blackberries I picked and froze this past summer. After the ...

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Quick and Easy Beer Bread

A great way to get rid of beer that you don't like... There are many who may question the existence of the rare creature known as the "left-over beer," but I swear that they are real as you or me... For example, have you ever had one of those parties where you find all kinds of odd beer left in your fridge ...

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Recipe Box: One Gallon of Elderberry Mead

Make your own batch of delicious, healthful elderberry mead! Elderberries are delicious! So is Elderberry Mead.  Even more than just being tasty, elderberries are useful and quite a potent medicine. I make jars full of elderberry tincture and cordial all throughout the year to stock up for fall and winter coughs, ...

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Strawberry Mango Mojito Jam Recipe

You might remember that earlier this month I had a Strawberry Jam Session after getting a big bucket of fresh berries at the Asheville Herb Festival. Well, here is the BEST recipe that came out of that day of experimentation - Strawberry Mango Mojito Jam!   Strawberry Mango Mojito Jam The winner of the taste ...

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