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Moontime Tea

The moon is rising huge and silver in the sky this evening - full and bright! We are pushed and pulled along by the moon, just like the ocean - we are seventy percent water, are we not? The whole of humanity in the fullness of its gender spectrum respond to this primal pull. As someone with an active uterus, the ...

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Oatmeal Applesauce Cookies with Maple Drizzle

Recipe Box: Oatmeal Applesauce Cookies with Maple Drizzle

Sometimes you just need a bit of warm, sweet comfort food. This happens to me when the wind outside is cold and howling and you just can't bring yourself to go outside.  Outside has no hot tea, nor cookies...and these oatmeal applesauce cookies are cakey and poofy, and they stay soft for days! When I first made ...

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fire vinegar

Recipe Box: Fire Vinegar (Fire Cider)

The weather in western North Carolina can be a tease. We had our first freeze in October, but since then the temperatures have been leaping up into the 70's and then back down into the 20's at night. The plants, trees, and birds are so confused, and so is my sinus! People who I know are quite healthy and active are ...

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Honey (and Cider!) around Asheville – 2013

Beekeepers from places as diverse as the Fynbos region of the Western Cape of South Africa, Brazil, Turkey, and Vancouver Island in Canada are sending jars and jars of honey to Asheville to be judged, and proceeds help benefit the non-profit Center for Honeybee Research. From the Asheville Citizen-Times: "For the ...

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Let’s Talk About: Goldenrod Recipes and Remedies

He is everywhere. Waving at me from above the blue and purple chicory, teasing me, dancing behind the brown grasses drying in the autumn sun. Goldenrod, Solidago, Golden Dagger! Many people take one look at Goldenrod and run in the other direction, sneezing and coughing, but Goldenrod is NOT the source of your ...

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Ticks and Lyme Disease: Western Medicine

Chapter 1: The Bite Chapter 2:  The Next Steps Chapter 3: The Basics of Lyme Chapter 4:  Antibiotics Chapter 5: ALL DONE (Western Medicine)  So...it is far past the time for an update on my Lyme disease, I suppose. At my last appointment, my general practitioner requested that I schedule a visit with ...

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Raspberry Allergy?

Aww, drat! After a few in-home experiments, I've got a strong suspicion that I have developed a mild raspberry allergy! I got some lovely fresh berries from Stepp Orchards via Mother Earth Produce and had a handful right away.  A bit later, I realized that my tongue was a little tingly and burning and that my ...

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Canned Tomatoes

How to Can Tomatoes

July and August are tomato time here in Western North Carolina!  The farm markets are crowing about the lovely boxes of heirloom tomatoes available for purchase, and the volunteer tomato vines left behind in our empty chicken coop are giving me handfuls of sweet cherry tomatoes every day. As awesome as a fresh ...

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booze cabinet at pixiespocket.com

A Poltergeist in my Booze Cabinet!

just a portion of the selection... I just don't know what happened, y'all... One minute, the booze cabinet was all happy and tidy - a whole mess o'bottles of varying shapes and sizes sitting side by side, full of delicious cordials, wines, meads, and experiments in progress...but the next minute?  What a mess! ...

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Book To Buy: 21st Century Herbalists by Jesse Wolf Hardin

21st Century Herbalists by Jesse Wolf Hardin "Read the stories of "rock star" herbalists in this eclectic collection of interviews. Jesse Wolf Hardin presents intimate conversations with 21 of the most intriguing herbalists and foragers of the 21st Century. Properly subtitled "Rock-Stars, Radicals & Root ...

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Recipe Box: Earl Grey Cordial

A bottle that I made and gifted to a friend! I love hot tea. When I was a child, my Nana would make herself a cup each day in her beautiful gilt-edged china cup with the matching saucer.  I would watch transfixed as she tipped a small spoonful of sugar into the dark liquid and stirred gently, the spoon tinkling ...

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Lovely eggs by Modern Scribe Photography - seen on Pixies Pocket

Let’s Talk About: The No-Shampoo Method

Every now and then, my sensitive skin gets the better of me, and I can't use scented soaps or store-bought shampoos without breaking out all over.  When my scalp feels this way, I revert back to my no-shampoo hair-washing method for a month or so. I started toying with using no-shampoo hair-washing methods years ...

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Ticks and Lyme Disease: Antibiotics

Chapter 1: The Bite Chapter 2:  The Next Steps Chapter 3: The Basics of Lyme Chapter 4:  Antibiotics Antibiotics are a mixed blessing.  Properly applied, they save many lives and have extended the estimated length of life for those who have access to them. But the regular over-use of them can be horrible on the ...

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Ticks and Lyme Disease: The Basics of Lyme

In this picture, there are three ticks under my bodice that I don't know about yet. Image by AnimazeGuy Chapter 1: The Bite Chapter 2:  The Next Steps Chapter 3: The Basics of Lyme So.  Before I continue my tale, let me explain why I went into this process already armed with a decent amount of knowledge about ...

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Ticks and Lyme Disease: The Next Steps

Chapter 1: The Bite Chapter 2:  The Next Steps The days between getting the bite and seeing the doctor were not idly spent. I turned my mind and will towards healing, cleaning, purging myself of any undesired presence. I kept thinking of holy fires and purifying flames!  Symptom-wise, I felt generally raw, tender, ...

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Ticks and Lyme Disease: The Bite

Chapter 1: The Bite Image from Appalachian Mountain Club So, I got tick-bitten in early April while camping at a festival.  On a lovely Saturday morning, I was chased down and slain by a few young knights and princesses armed with wooden swords.  Fully into the play, I died quite dramatically and rolled on the ...

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