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Using Motherwort for Grief

Grief is a powerful thing. It is terrible, but necessary. Grief is a mix of many large emotions, and it is a state that we each experience in different ways. It is inescapable - we will each of us grieve at some point in our lives. Grief is the river of tears that carries us through loss, through change, through ...

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Garlic Infused Honey

Everyone knows garlic as the ubiquitous kitchen seasoning that it is, but there are fewer people who realize that they can use this versatile bulb medicinally! One way to combine those two purposes is to make Garlic Infused Honey. Why in the world would you want to infuse honey with garlic? At first the combination ...

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The Magic of Mimosa: Cordial and Tincture Recipes

Ah, it is late June, and the Mimosa trees are blooming. My love and I went a-foraging in the wild forest of invasive plants that covers the empty lot next door. This lot would be almost impassable if it weren't for the trails my dog has left in the romps that leave her covered with thorns and spiderwebs! The space ...

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Yarrow for Fever and Flu

Yarrow for Fever and Flu It seems rather innocuous, this lovely white flower, but yarrow has earned many expressive titles: staunchwort, wound wort, nosebleed, knight’s milfoil…most of these names are crediting yarrow’s remarkable ability to stop a wound from bleeding while reducing pain and infection. These are ...

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Valerian Mint Cordial

Valerian Mint Cordial or as it is called in my home: "Shut Up and Go To Sleep!" No matter how hard I try to maintain a good sleep schedule, I often find myself lying awake, staring at the ceiling long after I should be asleep. My mind is either going over tomorrow’s plans, replaying today’s conversations over and ...

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Lavender Infused Honey Recipe

  Lavender Infused Honey is potent and delicious, but it is not just for eating! It's also great to have on hand for a first aid and beauty regimen as well! You can make and use this honey easily in your own home. I'll give the instructions below but if you want a more in-depth look at techniques, check out ...

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Lavender pixiespocket.com

Let’s Talk About: How to use Lavender

How to use Lavender? When I think of lavender, I think of soap. Specifically, the little, purple, seashell-shaped soaps that lived in my grandmother's soap dish in the main bathroom of the house. Those delicate little soaps were intended to be there for show, not for use. They were so fancy and smelled so ...

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Delicious H2PRO Smoothie!

H2PRO Probiotics + Vitamins: Recipe, Review and Giveaway!

Giveaway is over! Pin this image to share the news about this giveaway! H2PRO is awesome! As I've talked about before, I've had chronic candida issues for a good while, and I keep it under control by minimizing my sugar intake, eating live foods and taking probiotics. One issue that I've had with probiotic ...

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Ask a Pixie: Seasonal Allergies and Remedies

Howdy, folks! I’ve been getting lots of reader questions and comments sent to my inbox, and so I’m beginning a new feature called “Ask A Pixie” where I will answer your queries anonymously as a blog post.  Got a question? Now, bear in mind that I am an herbalist, but not licensed to offer medical advice. What I can ...

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Let’s Talk About: Catnip Herbal Remedies

 Oh, sweet Catnip! My yard has a very happy spot in it during the warm months - right next to a nice spot next to a sun-warmed rock wall lives a towering bush of catnip.  His longest branches have grown to be taller than I am, and his flowering tips wave a fond greeting whenever I come down to the garden. Catnip ...

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fire vinegar

Recipe Box: Fire Vinegar (Fire Cider)

The weather in western North Carolina can be a tease. We had our first freeze in October, but since then the temperatures have been leaping up into the 70's and then back down into the 20's at night. The plants, trees, and birds are so confused, and so is my sinus! People who I know are quite healthy and active are ...

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What is an Electuary?

I'm an old fashioned girl. I'm not talking candlelight and roses, although that's nice. I'm talking about food preservation, medicine making, cooking methods, and brewing. I like old, tried and true methods, and I'm a sucker for ye olde tyme vocabularie wordes, too. So, back when I was selling herb-infused ...

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Let’s Talk About Tinctures, Elixirs, and Cordials

I love herbs, and I also enjoy alcohol. My dedicated readers know for sure that I adore honey...so it shouldn't surprise you that I generally do my best to combine those three ingredients in as many forms as possible. My apothecary is packed tight with jars and those jars are full of strange floating herbal ...

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Headache Tea Blend – a helper against migraine pain

If you look carefully, you can see a headache in this picture. I once was miserable and wrecked by pain on a daily basis. Plagued by severe headaches, I pushed everyone away so that I could lay still in a dark room and not be bothered.  I was only in high school and the pain and visual disturbances from the ...

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Let’s Talk About: Ginger Herbal Remedies

Gingerbread, gingersnaps, pickled ginger, candied ginger, powdered ginger, fresh sliced ginger, ginger ale, ginger gum... I just can't get enough of ginger!  He is one of my favorite herbal allies for many reasons. Ginger is aligned with deities like Apollo or Lugh in my mind, sharing that intense, young sun god ...

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