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Yarrow for Fever and Flu

Amber Shehan January 22, 2016

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yarrow for fever and flu - by amber shehan of pixiespocket , first published at herbal academy of new england

Yarrow for Fever and Flu

It seems rather innocuous, this lovely white flower, but yarrow has earned many expressive titles: staunchwort, wound wort, nosebleed, knight’s milfoil…most of these names are crediting yarrow’s remarkable ability to stop a wound from bleeding while reducing pain and infection. These are great uses that can’t be ignored, but there are so many different aspects of the power of yarrow that I could fill many pages, so we’ll focus on using this fine plant as a powerful natural remedy for fever and flu.

Yarrow is an amazing healer, and a plant that I fell in love with at first sight. Since then, I’ve seen many through flu and fevers with yarrow as an ally. Whether as a tincture, a tea, or an infusion applied to the fevered forehead with a washcloth, yarrow works wonders at breaking the hold of a lasting illness.

Read more about the using yarrow for fever and flu symptoms, including other herbs that combine well, different suggestions on how to use yarrow, and a recipe for my go-to flu tea.

The rest of the article is at the Herbal Academy!

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