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My happy place (the birth story)

It happened, y'all! We did it! The wee pixie has been born, she is wonderful, awake and alert, and growing stronger day by day! Alia Mielle emerged on June 6, 2018, after a very long labor. For 36 hours she and I rode the intense waves of contractions together, worked on moving her down and out, and it took us both ...

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Nettles – a feast on the forest floor

Stinging nettles have a bad reputation. This weed is common around the world, throughout Europe, Asia, northern Africa, and western North America, and because of its many uses, has been introduced elsewhere. Nettles are food, fiber, and medicine, and they have been used that way for centuries! Foraging and ...

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How to use Garlic Mullein Ear Oil for Earaches

For some reason, ear infections seem to be a common childhood complaint. If you begin to recognize the symptoms of an ear infection very early, you can head it off with this remedy and avoid regular antibiotics as are often prescribed by doctors. Olive oil infused with garlic and mullein flowers is is a traditional ...

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Foraging for Rose Hips in Winter

Roses are the gift that keeps on giving! In spring, the scent of their flowers permeates the breeze, and I forage petals for food and medicine. The blooms continue throughout the summer and it is a delight to watch bees and pollinators dive in and out of the roses like enthusiastic paratroopers. In the autumn ...

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Using Motherwort for Grief

Grief is a powerful thing. It is terrible, but necessary. Grief is a mix of many large emotions, and it is a state that we each experience in different ways. It is inescapable - we will each of us grieve at some point in our lives. Grief is the river of tears that carries us through loss, through change, through ...

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Garlic Infused Honey

Everyone knows garlic as the ubiquitous kitchen seasoning that it is, but there are fewer people who realize that they can use this versatile bulb medicinally! One way to combine those two purposes is to make Garlic Infused Honey. Why in the world would you want to infuse honey with garlic? At first the combination ...

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Make your own Herbal Smoking Blends

When I was a child at bedtime at my grandparents' house, I'd fall asleep watching whiffs of my Grandad's vanilla pipe tobacco drifting down the hallway like blue ribbons. I smoked cigarettes in high school when I was depressed and poetic and suicidal and dramatic and wanted everyone to know it. I smoked cloves while ...

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Event: Asheville Herb Swap [Oct. 9, 2016]

Herbalists of Asheville are invited to a free herb swap! Harvest season is waning and winter is coming our way, It is time to take stock of what we have. Perhaps you made too much 4 Thieves Vinegar than you can use? Maybe you have spare seeds or dried herbs? Bring your excess and swap with others in your community! ...

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The Magic of Mimosa: Cordial and Tincture Recipes

Ah, it is late June, and the Mimosa trees are blooming. My love and I went a-foraging in the wild forest of invasive plants that covers the empty lot next door. This lot would be almost impassable if it weren't for the trails my dog has left in the romps that leave her covered with thorns and spiderwebs! The space ...

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herbal miracle cure

This will cure cancer! Herbal Miracle Cure!

Step right up, folks! Don't be shy! I've got some amazing news for you! Crowd in closer so you all can hear! How many of you suffer from aches and pains? Does your granny have gout? Are your children sickly and pale? Well, don't you worry any more! This miracle cure will fix all of you right up! Take a spoonful ...

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Freezing Chickweed for Later

Late winter and early spring is the most glorious season for Chickweed! The freezing temperatures don't seem to deter this hardy weed. Her bright green clumps can be found pulsing with life, tucked away under the last blankets of snow. She's one of the first spring greens that everyone wants to eat; people, livestock, ...

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Pamper Yourself with Facial Treatments Made with Food

guest post by John Pitt A basic facial treatment can set you back from $80 to $150. Throw in some special serums or eye treatment, and it becomes even more expensive. But the cost is not only the only issue here. You also wouldn’t know what exactly the spa therapist is putting on your face. The only thing you’re ...

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Yarrow for Fever and Flu

Yarrow for Fever and Flu It seems rather innocuous, this lovely white flower, but yarrow has earned many expressive titles: staunchwort, wound wort, nosebleed, knight’s milfoil…most of these names are crediting yarrow’s remarkable ability to stop a wound from bleeding while reducing pain and infection. These are ...

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Moon Goddess of Mystery Psychedelic Tarot Art by Emily Balivet

Yoni Steaming: An act of self love

Perhaps you’ve heard of using steam for health and beauty. There are many ways to use steam therapy, from saunas to herbal steams for the face and sinuses. Many people add herbs or essential oils to baths or showers so they can breathe in the vapors. But have you ever heard of a yoni steam? Yoni is a Sanskrit ...

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