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Make compost for your garden, it's easier than you think! Making compost for your garden will make sure that you have everything you need for healthy crops. You’ll need a mixture of 50/50 materials rich in nitrogen and carbon. Learn more about the basics of composting in this Pixie's Pocket guest post by Craig Holland.

How to Make Cold Compost for Your Garden

Alongside your gardening supplies, making compost for your garden will make sure that you have everything you need for healthy crops. For a good compost, you’ll need a mixture of 50/50 materials rich in nitrogen and carbon. You can find nitrogen in grass clipping, for example, and carbon in woody stems, for example. ...

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Elderflower & Lemon Cordial Recipe (The Boozy American Kind!)

The summer solstice brought many things alive in the garden, plants I'd been waiting to see bloom to know that summer was truly upon us in these sweet old mountains! One of those that I was excited for was Elderflower. A few years ago I offered some spare soapwort plants on a Facebook group for local plant people. ...

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My happy place (the birth story)

It happened, y'all! We did it! The wee pixie has been born, she is wonderful, awake and alert, and growing stronger day by day! Alia Mielle emerged on June 6, 2018, after a very long labor. For 36 hours she and I rode the intense waves of contractions together, worked on moving her down and out, and it took us both ...

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March 2018 Garden Tour

In early March, we got a great start with digging in some bare root trees and berry bushes. They're showing life, and we couldn't be more thrilled since this is our first time working with bare root plants! Everyone is leafing out and starting to get green where they were only brown. I've transplanted our wee ...

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Wakey Wakey, Eggs and Bakey!

Last night, Eric called me to rise from the couch and heating pad where I had nested to come outside. It was hard, but I went forth and out to the back porch, where a chorus of peeping frogs sang their joyous rhythm! It's the first time we've heard them this year, and it made my heart leap in my chest! Peeking between ...

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Tips to Prepare Your Outdoor Plants for Winter

November is behind us, and it’s time to start thinking about winter — and more specifically, how to keep your plants alive during the cold winter months. What can you do to help prepare your outdoor plants for winter? Is there anything you can do if the temperatures have already started to drop? Vegetable Gardens We ...

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Size Doesn’t Matter: Ways To Make Your Small Garden Super Impressive

Enjoy this guest post from Greenhouse Sensation - a lovely garden supply site available to our readers in the United Kingdom.  They offer many ways to make your small garden super impressive! There’s nothing more frustrating than wanting to make something amazing of your garden, but being stuck for space. If you ...

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orlando lawns turning into a suburban garden - as seen on pixiespocket.com

Orlando lawns into suburban gardens!

From NPR: Florida is sometimes known for the nicely groomed lawns of homeowners who enjoy their green carpets of grass. Chris Castro is changing that by working on a project that's turning his neighbors' lawns into working gardens full of delicious produce. Chris Castro has an obsession — turning the perfectly ...

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Seedlings 2016 pixiespocket

Ooooh, a plant kaleidoscope!

I had no idea that this existed, but now that I know, I need one. Behold, the PLANT KALEIDOSCOPE! I'd never leave my garden again... Speaking of gardens, I hope yours is coming along well. What are you growing this year?  The past week has been a nice, proper spring week. There's been rainstorms, thunder, ...

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Raised Beds and Making Do in the Garden

Eric and I have been working on our rental property. We have been hemming and hawing and searching for a property to purchase for years now. We haven't found the right spot, and so we're still renting our current home. We haven't found our ideal homestead, and we're tired of waiting. We like living here pretty well, ...

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Bees are worth more than honey alone - they are important pollinators! - pixiespocket.com

Bees: More Than Honey

What's the buzz? When you are planning your garden for the upcoming spring season, don't forget to make a place for the pollinators! Everyone's aware of the plight of the bees, and that's wonderful! People need to be concerned, because bees are much more important than just making the sweet stuff that we know and ...

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diy holiday decor

DIY Holiday Decor for the Garden

I have had the hardest time getting ready for the HollyDaze this year. It felt wrong to haul out the boxes of holiday decor, strange to hang icicle ornaments. Lately, it has been unseasonably warm, up to 70 degrees! My bulbs are coming up, my saffron is blooming, and the birds are terribly confused. What kind of a ...

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Aqua Farm Giveaway – Grow Food All Year Long!

What is Aquaponics? Aquaponics describes a method of gardening where plants are grown in water. The plants are fed by the waste products of the fish or other aquatic creatures living in the aquaponics system. The fish get their water cleaned by the plants, and the plants excel living from ...

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herbwheel primroseuk (pixiespocket.com container gardening post)

Container Gardening: Winter Edition

Aloe & Kalanchoe love my sunny afternoon window. Why do I enjoy Container Gardening? We are fans of container gardening around the Pixie's Pocket homestead. Saffron, lettuces, herbs, tomatoes - they all live nestled into pots, tins, and buckets. They clutter up the porch and fill my windowsills in all seasons ...

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Asheville Herb Festival 2014

Asheville Herb Festival 2014 This year was the 25th anniversary of the Asheville Herb Festival.  I have attended every year but one since we moved to Asheville. It's a great gathering of likeminded herb and sustainability-focused vendors and I always run into friends there, like my friend Celeste, and Ashley, ...

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Growing Potatoes in Containers: An Experiment

I recall my grandfather growing potatoes in the garden when I was a kid.  He was recently retired and happily industrious in the backyard of their suburban home. Granddad grew a nice little garden of tomatoes, cucumbers, zucchini and other basic veggies that I wasn't allowed to fuss with since I was a clumsy ...

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