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Bees: More Than Honey

Amber Shehan February 2, 2016

Bees are worth more than honey alone - they are important pollinators! -

What’s the buzz? When you are planning your garden for the upcoming spring season, don’t forget to make a place for the pollinators!

Everyone’s aware of the plight of the bees, and that’s wonderful! People need to be concerned, because bees are much more important than just making the sweet stuff that we know and love. Bees are good for more than honey alone. These perfect little hive-minded heroines are ideal pollinators for all of your plants.

Bees aren’t the only pollinators that need your help, though. Many native bee, butterfly, and fly populations are in the same danger as honeybees due to pesticide use and the mowing down of wild places. This in turn affects pollination, your local birds’ diets, and then the whole ecosystem suffers!

Here’s a few resources to learn more about creating homes for your native bee pollinators:




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