Farewell, Bok the Chicken.

Amber Shehan March 4, 2013


Pretty Bok – Image by Modern Scribe Photography

My sweet love had to put down our last chicken today; the poor biddy was sick and dying and he wanted to shorten her pain.

He spoke her a sweet eulogy:

“Rest in peace, Bok. All life is made new. All life is forever. Now feed the grandchildren of the worms you ate. Feed the blackberries whose fruit you loved. Restore the damaged soil. Return to us within the sweet black juice and we will remember you in the summer sun.”

Our next step is a revamping of the chicken coop and run area, and so it may be a while before we have chickens sharing space with us again.
The spring snows are still moving in, but we are looking at our yard with eyes towards growing season – planning to feed ourselves with raised beds and a potted garden this year.
Keep warm, think of spring, and have a good time!
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