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How to Harvest and Freeze Aloe Vera Gel

Amber Shehan October 11, 2016


Here is an article I wrote for Learning Herbs, called “How to Harvest and Freeze Aloe Vera Gel“.

A few weeks ago, I repotted my poor, neglected houseplants, splitting apart overgrown Peace Lilies, Spider Plants, and a gargantuan beast of an Aloe Vera plant. The aloe had gotten so large that it was leaning over and twisting in on itself! When I placed it in its new home, I had to trim off about 5-6 large bottom leaves so that it would sit upright and grow upwards instead of sideways.

That turned out to be the perfect opportunity to document my process on using those leaves of aloe so they didn’t go to waste!

The post at Learning Herbs covers the basics of trimming the plant, harvesting the gel from the leaves, and as a bonus, how to preserve the fresh gel through freezing.

I hope it helps you! Enjoy!

Amber Shehan

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