A bit about Dandelion: Herbal and Culinary Recipes

Amber Shehan November 2, 2015

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Dandelions are amazing!

My longtime readers know that I often wax poetic about this despised “weed” – I sing songs to plants I find in my yard, stick flowers in my hair, and end up with yellow fingertips all spring long from preparing flowers for all sorts of dandelion recipes.

I’ve made quite a few recipes with dandelion. There’s so much to be used from this humble plant; from the bushy, golden flower to the bitter green leaves, to the earthy, nutritious taproot. There isn’t anything about this flower that isn’t helpful! Dandelion flowers feed our pollinators and friendly bugs and their roots break up clay soils, aerate hard-packed earth and help reduce erosion.

So don’t go digging them all up. Don’t spray your yard with nasty poisons. Don’t be a dandelion hater! Tell your homeowner’s association to shove off and let the lovely golden flowers grow!

Plus, nothing else looks quite so beautiful clasped in the grubby, fat hands of children as they present you with a hand-picked bouquet.

Dandelion Recipes

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Now, learn some more about dandelion from this infographic from

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