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Care for the wild birds in winter: tips, tricks, and DIY recipes

Amber Shehan January 6, 2018

care for wild birds in winter

Birds are awesome wild creatures to have around.  I’ve been working hard to encourage a healthy habitat for birds in our yard because they sing delightful songs, they eat mosquitoes and other nasty bugs, and they leave a trail of seeds and plants wherever they go!

Caring for our feathery friends is important, especially as their habitats are threatened by the expansion of our cities into the wild spaces. I feel a bit of responsibility to give them a hand. Some ways that I accomplish that are by keeping my hedgerows wild and brambly to provide nesting spaces and food sources, filling bird feeders to add to their forage, and by adding a variety of nesting boxes so that they have a safe and cozy home.

Winter can be an especially tough time for birds. While some types of birds migrate, I have blue jays, sparrows, robins, and other birds that live here year-round. The brutal winds, snow, and ice make wintertime dangerous, and while they are amazingly adapted to their native climate, I can’t help wanting to assist them as we have more dramatic weather. This year has been one for the record books with cruelly cold temperatures and wind chill forecasts. At the time of writing this, we’ve not been above freezing for over a week, an uncommon trend for these parts of North Carolina!

from -- Birds are great to have around! I take pains to care for the wild birds in winter, since it can be a rough time to survive. Tips, tricks, and some DIY projects for you to try!

Here are a few ways to help care for the wild birds in winter:

Protection from the elements:
It is very windy here, and so I have been trying to find places to put birdfeeders that are out of the wind. I’ve noticed that my free-hanging feeder is still full of food while the more stable one is empty – time to make some changes and try new types of feeders!

Winter food:
We all crave higher amounts of fats and protein during cold times and the birds are no different. Now is the time for buying or making suet blocks and buying birdseed that is higher in protein: black sunflower seeds, shelled peanuts, and millet are good choices.

Fresh water:
On days where it won’t freeze, put out a pan or dish of fresh water so the birds can get a nice drink. When the weather is warmer, I like to leave a birdbath out and fill it daily so they have regular access, but they freeze over in winter so I store them away during the cold months.

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