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Dreaming of Spring: A Bitter Tonic Tea

Amber Shehan January 12, 2016

Springtime is the perfect time to stimulate your system with a bitter tonic. It's easy to get lazy during a winter hibernation time... there are rich holiday food and drink, desire to drown oneself in a sea of carb-laden foods, and hot toddies everywhere you turn!

Moontime Tea Blend

But as the new year begins and the days begin to offer more light, we turn towards the sun and stretch like seedlings! A deep-seated desire to move the body and clear the head comes into play in modern traditions with new year’s resolutions.

If you really want to run out and get a gym membership, go ahead and rock that routine! If you are like me, you might prefer a gentler way to return to healthy eating habits and a clearer mind.

The simplest way to boost yourself from a rut is to drink a lot of water, get some physical activity at least once a day, and support your system with good food. This is also the perfect time to stimulate your system with a bitter tonic.

Want to learn more about the power of Bitter medicine? Check out my post: In appreciation of Bitterness – my review of Bitter by Jennifer McLagan.

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