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So, I truly am going to be fine, but I am currently full of emotional turmoil over the state of the earth, of our species, and specifically, my country. The amount of anger buzzing through the air sends me into a whirl when I am out among people. I’ve been okay, and talking, and smiling, and interacting as politely as I usually do, but collapsing in utter exhaustion when I get home.

Rather than give into the lure of mindless distraction and various methods of inebriation, I’ve been trying to focus my whirring mind through meditation and by using mimosa tincture and motherwort tincture as my herbal allies – although there may have been a whisky fueled night of sloppy emotional expression as part of my personal therapeutic process.

Nothing in my personal day to day focus has changed, other than a growing determination to be myself OUT LOUD and to do what I feel called to do. Most often that is speaking up for those who cannot. It’s also important to me that I be a loving, healing influence on the world around me. I’ve been listening to people’s stories and experiences and bearing witness to those often overlooked.

I love life, and I love people. I will continue to greet the people I meet on the street of my sweet, tense little town, regardless of their political stickers. I will continue do my best to be a good neighbor, and to be the person that Mr. Rogers knows I can be.

I’ll always try to be a helper for people to see.

Although I don’t often get political here on Pixie’s Pocket, I am always concerned about the land, the plants, the water. Water is life. If you are someone who is also concerned about the #NoDAPL movement and other environmental concerns, consider moving your money from large banks to local credit unions. That includes credit cards, loans, and other sources of funding. Most of the big banks are fully invested in the completion of the pipelines that are in construction today.

There’s more that hurts. It’s hard to be my usual, cheerful self right now. The southeastern United States is on fire. Like, really.

drought and fires in southeastern us 2016

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If you want to learn more, here you go. Read this headline: “Manmade Wildfires Causing Millions in Damages Across the South

Manmade. Most of the red fiery blurs you see on that map are being investigated as arson. Two different people have been caught and arrested for setting fires. Firefighters have found remnants of tires full of gasoline-soaked rags at many of the start points of the flames. I can’t even begin to comprehend why a body would do these things.

I go outside and I can’t stay more than five minutes because of the smoke. I water my trees, my border plants, and pour water and prayers onto our household altars. I can’t light incense or a fire to show my devotion, so water it is. My tears work in a pinch, when my eyes aren’t too dry to make them.

So if I seem a bit parched, friends, it’s for a true reason. With the moon rising tonight, I send up my prayers and love. I send up my requests for rain. I send up protection and safety for the animals, people, and yes, trees and plants in the path of the flames that were placed their with malevolence.

If you want to join me, I welcome you. Here’s an easy thing to do. Go outside to a place you feel comfortable. Sit still and breathe with your eyes closed. Connect your feet with the earth, your head with the sky. Do that, and remember the rain. Remember exactly what it feels like when you are outdoors and fat rain drops are plopping against your skin, your face, your head. Breathe in and remember the smell of petrichor – the rain on hot pavement and dry earth. Remember what it looks like and feels like to see the sky as a gray and purple swirling mass of clouds. Remember the rain and KNOW the rain and then wish, wish the rain to the places that need it.

“Enough rain as is needed wherever it is needed.”

A little magic never hurt.

Neither does love.

Thank you.




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  1. andrea on November 14, 2016 at 3:59 pm

    You ROCK sister! Thank you for sharing. I am holding space. WE ARE holding space for a more holistic and consciously elevated humanity in harmony with Nature. I channel my intent and ask my allies to deliver you some showers of love and blessed rain to help heal this travesty.

    • Amber Shehan on November 14, 2016 at 4:28 pm

      I accept with tears of gratitude! <3 Thank you!

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