Things I Love: June in Asheville

Amber Shehan June 3, 2015

Foxglove from Spirithaven Farm, Stuart, VA

Foxglove from Spirithaven Farm, Stuart, VA

Foxglove from Spirithaven Farm, Stuart, VA

I love June, for all of the daily rain and thunder booming, the flowers and the veggies blooming!

I’ve been bottling brew, chopping soapwort, and otherwise rising out of the slump that has kept me a bit stagnant through early spring…but happily, my creative juices are flowing again now that everything is bursting into flower and the fog is rising out of my head. 

I finally managed to finish my article for – the Lacto-Fermented Garlic recipe and technique is now live! Give it a try yourself. You’ll really enjoy it if you are a fan of very strong garlic…but every time I burped the jar, my kitchen reeked of very potent garlic for a few minutes afterwards. Consider yourself warned!

Round about Asheville way:

Oooh! The amazing Asheville Bee Charmer shop is hosting the “Around the World Honey Tasting Adventure” to help kick off the 2015 Pollination Celebration as part of Asheville’s inclusion in Bee City USA!  $10 will allow me to sample astounding products of hives from all around the globe and go to benefit the . *happy sigh*

Hickory Nut Gap Farm is an awesome farm here in Asheville (I’ve written about them before!). Since 2006, they’ve been raising and marketing 100% grassfed beef and pastured pork and poultry, providing local residents and restaurants with healthy, humanely raised meats. Now, they are expanding with an on-farm kitchen and butchery. They are aiming to create a place for farm visitors to eat, as well as provide custom cut steaks, fresh sausages, and chicken and beef stock – and classes to teach those skills, too. To that end, they are asking for help with their Barnraiser funding page – give a hand if you can! 

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Original Art (purchase in my Zazzle shop!):


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