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Amber Shehan April 14, 2015

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Herbal Academy of New England Courses are great!

Hello dear readers…I’m busy as a bee and hope that you are enjoying the buzz of springtime energy, yourself!

I’m working to get my little soapwort starts ready to take with me to The Festival of Legends (Chapel Hill NC, April 25-26!) along with tinctures, herbs, and beaded goodies made by me and by my love. Come on out if you are in the area! I’d love to meet you!


Here’s a few links and inspirations:

Are you new to herbalism and need a guide? Are you seeking to deepen your understanding of herbs and ways to use them?

This week, from April 14 until April 19, you can use the code HERBALISTDAY to save 15% on any of the courses from the Herbal Academy of New England, or a membership to the Herbarium!

Speaking of herbal education, here’s a great post about five simple herbs that you can use for herbal first aid for your dog!  Think of all of the cuts, scrapes, abscesses, bug bites, and hot spots that you can take care of easily with just a few common herbs. 

A friend in your garden: Did you know that pillbugs (roly pollies!) are really awesome to have around? Not only are they cute as far as bugs go with their rolling into a ball behavior, but they consume heavy metals and help to clean up the soil. I normally don’t post links to NaturalNews as they often have articles that seem driven to increase fear with inaccurate data; however, everything in this article can be verified by a source I trust.

By the adorably wonderful Emm Roy: Check out her tumblr by clicking on the little hedgehog there.

Are you having a tough time remembering to take care of yourself? Well, a few minutes of self care can give you a boost that will last for days. Listen to the hedgehog and enjoy a few minutes just for you. <3  The artist is Emm Roy, and I found it via the facebook page of “Little Owl Crunchy Mama.” 

Last but not least: you only have another week to enter this giveaway for Acuisina Jumbo Ice Trays! Get your entries in before early harvest time begins and you have to start freezing broths, herbs, and juice, or baking square cakes and brownies!

Have a lovely time, whatever it is you set your heart and mind to doing! Go outside and get twitterpated by spring! <3

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