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Cayenne Infused Honey at “Keeping Backyard Bees”

Amber Shehan December 3, 2014

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Cayenne Infused Honey by, as seen on keeping backyard bees

I’m now contributing articles to Keeping Backyard Bees, a sister site to Mother Earth News and Grit Magazine. They are collecting articles and information about tending honey bees and supporting healthy habitats for pollinators!

My first post is on how to infuse delicious honey with equally delicious cayenne pepper for a spicy and sweet treat.

Do you like a little sweet with your heat? Cayenne infused honey makes a great gift for the foodie or grill enthusiast in your life. Use cayenne honey in marinades, BBQ sauces, or home made salad dressing to add a sweet kick.

Go check it out and make some Cayenne Infused Honey!

Keeping Backyard Bees:

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