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Poem: Harvesting Goldenrod

Amber Shehan August 31, 2014

Harvesting Goldenrod: a poem by Amber Shehan

Harvesting Goldenrod

While my hand was draped in gold
and my whole self consumed with the scent of Solidago,
he attacked in the gloaming, in the tall grasses.

I snapped another stem between my fingers
until his golden dagger flashed and white light fire flared –
the bobbing flowerheads cloaked him well.

Staggering, I clutched my hand in hand to heart,
I called to the swooping bats and sparrows. Here! Find your dinner!
Follow the trail of triumphant buzzing.


author credit, copyright: Amber Shehan

goldenrod skyscraper

Towering Solidago

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