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Let’s Talk About: Local Honey!

Amber Shehan February 4, 2011

local honey
Every now and then, folks ask if I ever sell plain, local honey in my shop.

Unfortunately, I won’t feel quite right doing this until I have my own hives and bees to tend to, as it feels like cheating to sell another beekeeper’s honey without adding my own touch to it, infusing it with lovely herbs.

Here’s a recent query I received from a customer:

“I have a question about your honey…We LOVE your naturally flavored honey, and I was wondering, particularly with interest in regard to its basic flowery flavor,  are you willing to sell the honey plain?”

I might be willing to do such a thing, but it would be more beneficial to your health and your local economy to support one of your nearby beekeepers!

The honey that I have used as the base of infused honey from Pixie’s Pocket are both wildflower blends. When I lived in Virginia, I supported Golden Angels Apiary from the Shenandoah Valley.  Now that I live in North Carolina, I use Haw Creek Honey. I chose these apiaries because they were nearby, lightly filtered, and full of local pollen and wildflowers – hence better allergen immunity builders!

Now, I suppose I could fill one of my pretty jars with Haw Creek Honey, package it up, and mail it to you. But I’d have to charge you a pretty penny for it! Instead, for the same price, you could be getting a larger jar of honey made from the wildflowers in your town, supporting your local beekeepers, and saving on carbon emissions from shipping!

Use this list of resources to find a beekeeper near you:

  • Check your local farmers market and support community agriculture!


  • Local Harvest:  These guys don’t just list honey, but all farmers markets and u-pick farms in the United States.
  • Do an internet search for your local beekeeper’s association and inquire about them!
  • The Honey Board:  Another United States site, search by state for honey distributors.
  • Honey-O: Finally, an international guide to beekeepers and beekeeping associations!

Amber Shehan

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