A quick and dirty guide to Mosaic art

Storm Sigil Mosaic by Amber Shehan

So…mosaic is an awesome, awesome medium to work with! It has everything to offer a crafter: construction, deconstruction, fumes, sharp things, cement…what more could you want?

First, you get to experience great enjoyment from smashing your chosen glass victim (in a safe and cautious manner, of course).Then you get to glue the resulting razor-sharp shards to your medium (in this case, MORE GLASS). Safety First! Don’t forget to provide for proper ventilation – that heavy duty glue is super-fun-happy-fume time when it is up close and personal! TRUST me. Read the label, ok? (hack cough wheeze)

The next day, bandaged and breathing a little labored, you get to use your gloved hands to smear your chosen grout (proven to be carcinogenic in the state of California) all over the beautiful art you just made, sit there and fret for about 15 minutes, and carefully begin to wipe it away (smear it everywhere) after a couple of minutes. Soon, your art is cemented and after a little elbow grease and buffing, ta da! A completed mosaic – and it only took days and burned a couple of brain cells!

I’m prone to exaggeration, you realize. Mosaics are fun! It really isn’t all that bad of an experience. I honestly do love to mosaic…but let’s face it! When you prepare for the worst, your results can only go uphill from there!

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