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Bacon Fat Gingersnaps [and Honey Cream Cheese Dip] from Pixiespocket.com - a rich, delicious cookie with a smoky twist! Beautiful when paired with the heavenly honey cream cheese dip.

Bacon Fat Gingersnaps [and Honey Cream Cheese Dip]

Thanksgiving is synonymous with turkey and mashed potatoes, pumpkin pie and (shudder) green bean casserole, but in my household, it always means the annual appearance of Bacon Fat Gingersnaps. There is a lovely piece of pottery that lives on my stovetop, and it is into this gooey ceramic jar that I strain my ...

MAKING SUET – A RECIPE FOR YOUR FEATHERED FRIENDS! - a recipe from pixiespocket.com

Making Suet – a recipe for your feathered friends!

*shiver* It's cold, outside. I can feel it leeching through both of the double-paned windows and clinging to my joints...pooling like a fog on the floor and setting my feet to ache. Just a couple of days ago, I remember quite distinctly, there was a blissful, sweet, early spring warmth! It's such a tease to get ...

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