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Book Review: Claire Goes Foraging

Amber Shehan November 22, 2017

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Independent authors and artists who are creating and publishing their own works are awesome! I’ve got a special book and author to share with you today!

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Margaret Aycock is a talented artist who is also an avid forager. She works to share her knowledge and art with her community through schools and is a resident artist at her local hospital.

Here’s the official blurb about Claire Goes Foraging:

Once upon a time in America and around the world, people knew which wild growing plants they could eat, and which they could not. In modern times that knowledge is almost lost to us. Thankfully, Claire has a neighbor, Celeste, to whom the knowledge has been passed down. Follow Claire and Celeste as they explore their own back yards and create a meal from foraged “weeds.” Learn along with Claire which plants are edible, nutritious, and delicious.

This book is ideal for anyone who wants to share their love of foraging and awareness of the bounty of the world around them with young people in their lives.

The story is sweet, and the art is simply beautiful. I love watercolors, and Margaret is quite adept at weaving a beautiful natural world that blooms before young Claire’s opening eyes. There are many recipes and simple monographs for the most common edible weeds, making this a wonderfully multifaceted book.

It is completely worth it to get this book in physical form, rather than the ebook. The art deserves to be appreciated on the page, and the recipes and monographs are easier to read and use in print versus the small screens of readers or phones.

Margaret Aycock regularly posts recipes and more foraged food goodness at her blog: Claire Goes Foraging.

Grab a copy of Claire Goes Foraging today!

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