Happy Spring! #WorldPoemDay 2017

Amber Shehan March 21, 2017

Man…am I ever glad to see the beginning of spring. This winter has been a terribly brutal one for so many people that I know. There’s been breakdowns of the political, physical, emotional, and mental varieties. We went from fall wildfires to tempestuous temperatures, orchard-harming frosts and not enough rain and snow…

…and yet, some of us have made it through. It could have been far worse. Today is a gift, a warm and lovely day here in Western North Carolina…it sings of hope, of growth, and eventual harvest. It promises warm days in the river and summer storms.

This spring season is also the time of year I think of my daddy. He passed on March 23, 2003 – an unbelievable 14 years ago.  His memory lives on for me in his poetry, one of my most prized possessions. Here. I’ll share a bit with you. (If you like it, poster prints are available for purchase!)

worldpoemday 2017 - a poem by my father, Paul Canon.

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