Bee or Wasp?

Amber Shehan July 25, 2016

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What just buzzed past my head?!

The new house has a lot of life to it, and that includes our insect buddies. We’ve seen a few buzzy members of the bee or wasp and hornet variety: cicada killers, paper wasps, and a mess o’yellow jackets living in the barns and outbuildings. We’ve been treading carefully, as we recognize that they also have a right to live in the ecosystem we share, but also because some of those bugs are of the aggressive variety.

I’m not fond of spraying poisons, but we might well spray some of the spots where we expect to increase our traffic. We’re actually hoping that our activity in the outbuildings might help all on its own to encourage them to move out a bit farther from the loud, boisterous humans!

Wasps aren’t all bad, you know. Their stings definitely hurt, but there are some that feed on garden-munching pests, and that’s pretty awesome! Here’s an infographic that might enlighten you as to what type of stinging, buzzing creature lives around you and if it is an aggressive breed or just a bumbling bee.

Bee or Wasp? an infographic on
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