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The Magic of Mimosa: Cordial and Tincture Recipes

Ah, it is late June, and the Mimosa trees are blooming. My love and I went a-foraging in the wild forest of invasive plants that covers the empty lot next door. This lot would be almost impassable if it weren't for the trails my dog has left in the romps that leave her covered with thorns and spiderwebs! The space ...


Let’s Talk About: Catnip Herbal Remedies

 Oh, sweet Catnip! My yard has a very happy spot in it during the warm months - right next to a nice spot next to a sun-warmed rock wall lives a towering bush of catnip.  His longest branches have grown to be taller than I am, and his flowering tips wave a fond greeting whenever I come down to the garden. Catnip ...

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