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Raised Beds and Making Do in the Garden

Eric and I have been working on our rental property. We have been hemming and hawing and searching for a property to purchase for years now. We haven't found the right spot, and so we're still renting our current home. We haven't found our ideal homestead, and we're tired of waiting. We like living here pretty well, ...

Wild Greens Pesto Recipe on pixiespocket.com

Recipe Box: Wild Greens Pesto

The other day, I was seeking out recipes where I could use my newly finished Fermented Citrus and I came across this delicious Grilled Bread with Thyme Pesto and Preserved Lemon Cream on Food52.  Wow!  That sounded so delicious that I immediately set out to not make that recipe at all, and instead to make some pesto ...

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