Horehound – 1/2 oz.

1/2 oz bag of dried and cut, organic Horehound


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1/2 oz bag of homegrown horehound

Organic dried & cut horehound leaves and flowers

Horehound is a champion expectorant herb. It has been made popular in the United States in the form of a hard candy. My grandfather always got a bag of that candy when he was dealing with a cough. As a kid, the bitter herb was too strong for me to enjoy, but now as someone with a more expansive palate and an appreciation of bitters, it isn’t so bad!

While 1/2 oz may not sound like much, there’s quite a bit of horehound in the bag! The dried herb is fluffy, like mullein, who is also an ally for the lungs.

Specification: Horehound – 1/2 oz.

Weight 1 oz



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