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Blackberry Fizz on pixiespocket.com

I made Blackberry Fizz!

MOST of them are labeled! I was just tidying my apothecary, and while doing so, I re-discovered an experiment that I'd completely forgotten about...and boy, am I glad I did! A month ago, I made a batch of blackberry mead from the last bit of the blackberries I picked and froze this past summer. After the ...

Photo Post: Evenings at Home

Every evening when I get home, Eric and I open a beer and get the chicken scraps together and head down to give her a snack and check the lower lot berry brambles, catnip, mint, and wormwood. We'll take a minute to check the compost or clean out the coop if needed, and hang out until the mosquitoes are too much to ...

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Recipe Box: One Gallon of Blackberry Mead

I can tell that it is truly summertime.  Over the last week or two, my housemates and I have gathered over two pounds of blackberries from the wild brambles on the property.  With chèvre on toast, and by the handful, we've managed to consume about one pound of those, and we froze the rest for later use. We plan on ...

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Learning about Native Appalachian Plants and Herbs

Amber by Modern Scribe Photography Howdy, everyone...I hope Spring's been keeping you as joyfully busy as it's been keeping me! Between building the chicken coop, filling honey orders, and jumping on the trampoline, I've been keeping the growing things tended. Oh, yes...I've been exploring and cultivating my ...

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