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Want to get in on the super special Patron-Only area on Pixie’s Pocket?

Gain access by supporting Pixie’s Pocket on Patron!

What is Patreon?!

Why am I asking for you to help support my blog?

FoLLet your mind wander, if you will, back to the days where we all knew our tribe. When we lived in smaller cities with large family units, we could know every face around us, know their lives, their stories, their dreams. In such an intimate world, could you notice a hungry person and let them starve? Would you be embarrassed to ask for help from your people if you were the one in need?

There is no shame in seeking the things that you need, if there is no shame in others being able to provide. This is a concept that has been rattling around my noggin and has deeply altered my world view of late. On Pixie’s Pocket, I have had moments when I have lost my voice, my motivation, and my focus. I felt overwhelmed by advertising, search engine optimizing, button pushing and anything BUT creating, writing, cooking, photographing, and sharing with you.

So here we are, my tribe. You herbalists, folk witches, gardeners, and forest wanderers – I’m speaking to you. You are my tribe. What I’ve been missing in my voice is you…without you, I’m just yelling into the void.

Regular support through Patreon will allow me to grow Pixie’s Pocket into a self-sustaining site – 

without having to rely on advertising.

My plans include…

  • the ability to share more videos and reach out with hangouts/chats
  • removal of Google ads and Amazon links from Pixie’s Pocket
  • more community interaction. Maybe a forum?
  • the ability to write a book…a real one. With pages and pictures!
  • YOU TELL ME! What do you want to see?

No cash to spare?

No worries! I totally understand how that goes, and there’s no hard feelings if you can’t offer money.

If you still want to offer support, you can do so by sharing my Patreon page with anyone who you think might be interested!


If you want a great perspective on the nature of art and our fear of appearing desperate, or like a fraud? Check out “The Art of Asking” by Amanda Palmer, or watch her Ted Talk about it below:

A Patreon FAQ:

What is Patreon?

It is a way for people provide support to the artists, authors, or other folks whose work they enjoy! As a Patron, I support a few different artists and creators – some herbalists, bloggers, and web comic artists. Instead of one big fundraiser to fund a project (like Kickstarter), Patreon offers you the option of supporting your favorite creators with a small bit every month, thereby offering them a sustainable living while doing the thing you love.

Why are you using Patreon?

As Pixie’s Pocket grows, so does the cost of running the site. So far, I’ve been covering those costs with advertising and with affiliate links, but they make me feel dirty.  I’m not fond of allowing advertising in my sidebar that I cannot control (Google ads, etc) and I’d like to ditch it completely.

Not only do the tacky, personal-browsing tracking advertisements go away – you also get access to various perks as a Patron. Check it out!