Rose and Peony Flower Infused Honey

This recipe is easily modifiable, but my peony flower and three roses filled up a single 8-ounce jelly jar. Serve it drizzled over pound cake, ice cream, or stirred into white or jasmine tea for a magical treat. There’s no wrong way to enjoy this floral treat!



Gently shake the flowers to make sure there are no bugs hiding in the petals.

Pull the petals from the green parts of the flower and add them to the jar.

Pour the honey over the petals and use a chopstick to stir it, making sure there are no air pockets. Add as much honey as you need to cover the petals.

Put a lid on the jar and set it in a sunny windowsill or similarly warm place. Turn it over once a day so that the honey covers the petals which will float to the top. This keeps the chance of mold down.

After no more than weeks, strain the honey into a new jar and use the honey-covered petals to make a cordial, a tea, or anything else you can imagine…or just toss them out.

Label the jar and store the honey in the fridge.


See more about infused honey here.

You must store this in the fridge because the moisture in the fresh flowers is pulled out by the honey, and that means that it’s a prime place for fermentation or mold or other life to start up!

Use it within a few months or make it last longer by turning it into a liqueur by adding vodka, whisky, or other nummy booze.

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