Lemon-Infused Honey

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This is less a recipe and more an explanation of the basic technique I use to make lemon-infused honey. The fruit sizes vary too much for me to offer strict, measured instructions. Instead, just grab a suitable jar and see how much you can fit into it!



First, wash your lemons really well, removing any stickers. The rinds are staying on and so we want them to be clean!

Wash and dry your mason jar and lid.

Slice your fruit into thin rounds. 

Pour in a little bit of honey, just enough to coat the bottom of the jar. Add a lemon slice. Drizzle a bit of honey, and add a lemon slice. Repeat this process until the jar is full!

At the top of the jar, add more honey to completely cover the lemon slices. Use a chopstick or a butter knife to get around the edges and make sure that there aren’t hidden air pockets. Fill the jar to within an inch of being full.

Put the lid on tightly. Set the jar somewhere you can see it.

If you are confident in the strength of your jar lid, turn the jar over once a day so that the floating lemons become covered in honey. If you are worried about leaks, you can use a different technique: open the jar every day and use a clean utensil to push the lemons back under the honey.

Turning the jar or pushing the lemons back into the honey helps to deter potential mold growth on the top of the fruit. You’ll notice that the honey gets runnier each day as it pulls the moisture and oils out of the lemons.

After about two weeks, strain your runny honey into a clean jar or bottle. Label it and store it in the fridge, where it will last almost indefinitely. Because of the moisture content from the fruit, this honey will ferment or go moldy pretty quickly if stored at room temperature.

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