Foraged Spice Blend

Have fun with the recipe. If you use your blend for a bit but find it lacking, pour it out into a bowl and change it up! It’s hard to take things out, but you can always add more in.

My spice blend changes through the year as I get new plants harvested and dried. It’s a whole new level to seasonal cuisine! Thyme and oregano in late summer, bee balm in spring, rosemary all year round!

Enjoy making your own spice blend and making a signature spice blend that is unique to your home and garden.



If you want to add salt to your blend, I suggest that you mix the above ingredients first and then add the salt in a bit at a time, mixing and tasting it often to make sure you don’t go overboard! Sea salt is awesome for its nutritional content.

How to mix your spice blend:

Start off by making a small batch first to get an idea of the flavors. That will let you balance it to your liking before mixing it together all willy-nilly.

Add about a teaspoon of the herbs and a half teaspoon each of the other ingredients to an electric spice grinder or a mortar and pestle. Blend them together and give it a taste – what does it need? Adjust the spices to your liking but keep track of what you add as you go so that you can roughly recreate it in larger quantity.

Once you are satisfied, you can recreate the blend in bulk. I pour it all together into one bowl and mix it with my hands and then add it into a manual spice grinder, like the kind you often see for whole peppercorns. These are ideal because they keep the herbs fresh and whole, plus you can adjust it to grind your blend as coarse or as fine as you like!



Make sure all of your ingredients are completely dry before adding them to the spice grinder. Moist herbs or spices could grow mold or make your spices clump together.

Refillable spice grinders are a dream come true for a blend like this. They come in all shapes, colors, or sizes to fit your kitchen.

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