[Sticky] What's this #bloggesstribe thing all about?  


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04/12/2017 3:51 pm  

Ok, well. There's this awesome author and blogger named Jenny Lawson, who goes by "The Bloggess."  She's hilarious and very clever but also a very outspoken advocate for folks dealing with mental health issues and anxiety. This combination of features has given her a huge fanbase of people who are strange!  

Over on Twitter, many of her fans bond together using the hashtag #thebloggesstribe - we've celebrated each other's victories, helped each other through hard times, and even grieved for each other's losses. One of the best "pocketsquads" ever imagined.

But this is for when we need a break from Twitter. 🙂

TheBloggess Official Site

TheBloggess on Twitter

TheBloggess' Zazzle Shop

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