Microdosing Magic Mushrooms  


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22/02/2018 11:47 am  

I've been doing a reasonable piece of research on the theme of microdosing mushrooms here in , and also lsd. I as of late got some mushies to try it out. As far as anyone knows the impacts are along the line of diminished tension, expanded imagination/certainty and better subjective capacity/thought process's.

I've been doing them consistently day in a measurement of .2-.3 grams, which at first I thought would have zero impact. In any case, I am seeing articulated impacts on my discourse examples and how well I can speak with other people(increased memory, better utilization of hand motions, sentences stream better)..I've seen it's less demanding to grasp points, as I took a microdose a day prior to a test at school examined for three hours and took in all that I read. Without much earlier learning on the exam from not focusing/being apathetic in class. I managed to get a 76, which where I am from is a B.

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Apologies for my delayed response, Drystan!

While I recognize the importance of entheogenic plants at certain times and for specific reasons, I haven't done exploration with regular micro-dosing of mushrooms, nor am I familiar with anyone who has. I believe they increase serotonin production, so beware of accidentally creating a dependence. is an excellent resource and community for exploration of entheogenic plants and fungus with a LOT of information - I highly encourage that you use that space to investigate more. Good luck!

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10/04/2018 1:11 am  

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