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16/01/2018 4:34 pm  

Any homesteaders on here?

My husband and I have been talking about homesteading almost since we got married. He has a wild man streak running through him that is both attractive and obnoxious, hah. We got heavy into the discussion when we lived in Alaska but various issues up there (the largest near the end of our time there being the rising crime rate) hindered our plans and process. Now that we're back in Tennessee the dream of homesteading is strong within us (always stronger in the winter I find). 

Anyways, long story short, we're looking at a parcel of land. It is in our budget but its gonna take work. Its just raw land but we dream of having a home, garden, goats and rabbits, and a small area towards the back of the property for a mini-sanctuary/retreat center consisting of a walking labyrinth and large gazebo meeting/teaching space. 

Just wondering if anyone else here is pursuing crazy dreams of homesteading. 

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17/01/2018 11:14 am  

Yup, and actively pursuing it....somewhat.  We live in an unincorporated city and have a lot of freedoms with our yard/property, but still have rather specific state/county rules on animals/farming, etc.  

I also work full time, most of the time from home but some days with a commute into town. That leaves just Eric at home all day so we balance our desires to homestead with the handiness of being near stores, roads, and a lovely little city with good food and arts to enjoy. We realized a few years ago that the completely solitary life is not for us - we get kind of depressed and alone if we don't have a community to bounce against! That being said, we are also introverts and enjoy our quiet time and bit o'space.

We have four hens, but I do want to get a rooster. I'd rather have access to eggs and baby chicks as well, just in case meat becomes scarce or expensive. I'm interested in tidying up my clay floor basement to make it a more proper bulk storage area for grains and brews and such. We've talked about getting a cow but we don't have enough space for her and I don't feel up to contending with a goat or two right now. We're only on an acre, so that's a concern!

Our daydream is to buy the hay fields behind our property that used to BE part of this property to both protect it from developers but also to have room for a cow or two. Eric grew up in cow country and misses having those big sweet dopes around!

Also planning on getting bees - it was going to be this spring, but with the baby coming in spring I decided to take it easy on myself. 🙂  Planning an orchard with mini fruit trees, too!


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